A Virtual Trip?

Not comfortable traveling? No extra money to travel? Have a dire need to travel but can’t? Then check out this fun series from the New York Times called, The World Through a Lens that allows you to travel from the comfort of your home. It may not be the same as a fun road tripContinue reading “A Virtual Trip?”

Travel Planning in time of COVID 19

Travel planning for my family is usually a fun hobby of mine. Researching new areas, figuring out a fun adventurous itinerary, finding the best deals on where to stay, and where to eat, budgeting. I enjoy all of that, plus the control of planning out our family’s adventures. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has put a damperContinue reading “Travel Planning in time of COVID 19”

The Travel Family Diary

To start things off, my ultimate dream is to travel the world with my family, hence the name, travel family. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten there yet and maybe not anytime soon, but nonetheless we are determined to travel. This blog is a diary, of sorts, discussing everything to do about our family travels. From ourContinue reading “The Travel Family Diary”