Ahh! I Want to Travel So Bad!

I have a list of places I would like to see before I die, many of these places are beyond the United States borders. The Travel Family is finally at a place where we can financially and emotionally handle a few beyond border travels. The want is there, the means are there, but just our luck the world is not there. WE WANT TO GO! WE WANT TO TRAVEL! WE WANT TO SEE THE WORLD!

But is there anywhere to go?

Today I read an article from AFAR titled, “It’s Official Americans Won’t be Allowed Into Europe When It Reopens”. Welp there goes half our list. Another article on June 24th, from Vogue shows Asia is closed to outside tourists, most of Africa has banned foreign travelers, many South American countries are seeing spikes in the Coronavirus, and Canada borders are still closed. Not to mention Central America extending their reopening to late July. Needless to say our list of International travel is almost left to nothing.

Then there is Mexico beaches that recently opened up in June. Now normally we would be all for going down south and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Mexico. Unfortunately, July is a bit hot and with the recent spikes in the United States in beach towns I feel like visiting a busy beach would be adding to the problem.


Thank you for reading my rant and happy travels!

Travel Planning in time of COVID 19

Travel planning for my family is usually a fun hobby of mine. Researching new areas, figuring out a fun adventurous itinerary, finding the best deals on where to stay, and where to eat, budgeting. I enjoy all of that, plus the control of planning out our family’s adventures. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has put a damper in all that fun.

Now, my hobby has adjusted to researching the new laws and restrictions along with cleaning procedures and protocols. Not really what I consider fun. All that aside, I am determined to get a few fun family trips done in the year of COVID 19, also known as 2020.

One such trip we did this weekend; Silverwood Theme Park Boulder Beach. Just outside of our hometown in Athol, Idaho, the theme park is really two parks in one. The theme park is filled with roller coasters, ferris wheel, log flume, and kiddie rides. Boulder Beach is a water park with water slides, wave pool, and raft floats. It really is a wonderful place for a fun family adventure. Bonus, it was dads get in free for father’s day weekend. Hello savings!

Besides the benefits of being close to home and the savings from a free ticket, the cleaning policies and protocols created a sense of safety for our family. We did our part and wore our masks most of the time and stayed outside as much as we could. We also decided to skip the beach since pools tend to not be the most hygienic.

Usually I wouldn’t consider this “traveling” as it is close to home and really just a day trip, but with life in its current state getting out of the house is an ordeal in itself. Besides, the goal in traveling for us is to explore new things and have a fun family adventure. Despite the restrictions, our family was able to accomplish that goal so for us a day trip to a theme park close to home is traveling in the year of COVID 19.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

Making the best of a bad situation

We may have had to cancel our first camping trip of 2020, but that didn’t stop us from having some outdoor family fun. Instead of camping in the wilderness, we decided to enjoy an adventure in our hometown; Spokane, Washington. An urban recreational haven, Spokane Washington is full of beautiful trees, water, and hiking trails.

So we traded our tent for some rain gear and a hike on an urban trail. We put on our rain coats and boots and set our sites on the Centennial Trail. Hiking along the urban trail, we saw some beautiful sites such as the Spokane Falls, River Front Park, and Huntington Park. It was a wonderful family walk of 2.77 miles through the urban wilderness. It may not have been as exciting or adventurous as a camping trip, but the family was happy, at that is the whole point.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

A Bust!

Unfortunately, our first camping trip was a bust. We ended up cancelling the trip due to the rain. Normally, my husband and I would take our chances and go out with the tent and enjoy a romantic night of camping. However, with a family, things are a little more complicated. A night of tent camping in the rain with two young kids and two dogs would not have been very fun or anything near romantic. Instead we cancelled our reservation at Pioneer Park Campground. It’s a real bummer, but we will try this out again once the weather clears up.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Travel Plans

The Travel Family has made the plunge and scheduled our first 2020 travel plans. We don’t have as much as we would like scheduled, but as this year has taught us, slow and steady is the best pace. Below are the planned trips.

The goal is to add more trips as the year progresses, but with things being different this year and much still being unknown, these trips will have to do for now. Stay tuned for more details about each trip, including our itinerary, camping recipes and more.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Cleaning and Fixing the Trailer

Despite being 55 years old, the trailer is in pretty good shape. Due mainly to the fact the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained throughout its long life. Of course the age does make a difference so we will still have to clean and make a few fixes in order for her to be ready for the road. For now, we are focused on the basics and will simply start with cleaning and fixing the most urgent needs. Below is a list of things we are currently working on with the trailer.

  • Wash the cushions – Newly purchased by previous owner.
  • Scrape off the paint chips peeling from the inside walls.
  • Scrub from top to bottom with bleach.
  • Fix a small leak near the door – Nothing dramatic just need to reseal with sealant.
  • Replace the door knob on the exterior door.
  • Paint the interior.
  • Register the vehicle – Pending on government buildings re-opening

Despite the last part being an unfortunate circumstance of the pandemic, that is not to bad for a 55 year old trailer! Of course there are a few more updates and fixes that eventually need to be taken care of for long term use, but for now this will prepare us for our upcoming travels. Posts on our upcoming travels, coming soon!

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

We bought a Travel Trailer

As my previous post mentioned, the Travel Family bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer! Although the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained by previous owners, it is still a 55 year old trailer, so there is a bit of cleaning and fixing involved before we hit the road.

To start things off, I took some photos of the before, to document our hard work. Below are the photos of the trailer prior to cleaning and fixing.

For us, less is best and having a small trailer means there is less to maintain. In the photo’s above, you can see it is a pretty basic trailer. There is a living and dining area that turns into sleeping area (more on this in future posts), an ice box, small stove, sink, and closet space.

As you may have noticed there is no toilet, and that was something we preferred. Having a toilet means more clean up. Since we are planning to camp at reserved sites that offer restrooms, we currently don’t find the need to install a toilet. Our thoughts are to eventually install a compost toilet, which will be great for boondocking. More about our cleaning process, future plans for the trailer, and our travel destinations will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

Preparing to Travel

Spring is here and Summer is about to arrive. This means it’s time to prepare for our 2020 travels. Last year’s travels was a mixed blend of visiting long distant family, tent camping, visiting Glacier National Park and to end the year, a week long trip to Disneyland. These last two involved multiple day stays in hotels.

This year, due to the pandemic we have decided to take more precautions and restrict our travels to mainly camping and family visits. The nice thing about the family visits (besides the obvious) are that my family happens to live just a few miles outside of the Olympic National Park. This means lots of time spent enjoying the ocean, mountains, and the forest. Not a bad way to visit family.

Since are travel is limited to mostly camping, we decided to up our camping abilities and bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer. The trailer is old but in good shape, with a few small repairs and renovations we will be ready to take her out into the wilderness.

To learn more about our (new to us) trailer repairs and renovations. And how we plan on fitting our family of four including two large dogs please stay tuned for additional posts.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

The Travel Family Diary

To start things off, my ultimate dream is to travel the world with my family, hence the name, travel family. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten there yet and maybe not anytime soon, but nonetheless we are determined to travel. This blog is a diary, of sorts, discussing everything to do about our family travels. From our already experienced travels, our future travel plans, the complications we face towards our goals of traveling, and what we have learned along the way.

The purpose for writing a blog instead of an actual diary is to share all our trials and tribulations of traveling as a family. The goal is to help others who may share a similar dream of traveling with their family. Or for those who enjoy reading about travel experiences through the eyes of a family of four and sometimes two large dogs.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!