Family “Fun” on the cheap

Always on the look out for inexpensive family friendly fun. While on vacation in Everett, WA we found it at Funko. Headquartered in Everett, WA Funko is a shop like no other.

Walking into Funko we didn’t entirely know what to expect. We knew they were a unique toy/collection store, but what does that mean for a visit? Well, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found.

Funko Headquarters

As we approached the building, we were greeted by statues of some of our favorite characters like Spiderman and Batman lingering above us. Anticipation increasing we entered the building, where we found wall to wall POP Vinyls.

POP Vinyl

For the kids, this was a pleasant surprise as going into Funko they really didn’t know what to expect. But as they began to recognize they were surrounded by toys of their favorite cartoon characters, they were in heaven. For my husband and I, it was like going back to our childhood. There were POPs of characters from our favorite movies and tv shows like Back to the Future, GI Joe, Star Wars and more.

Adam West BatMobile

Beyond the toys, throughout the building we were surrounded by different themes. There was the Batman section with a replica Batmobile car from the original Adam West batman television show. The Harry Potter section (our oldest daughters favorite section), Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen (our youngest daughters favorite). All of these themes brought joy to our family and made what could have been a simple toy store into an inexpensive family fun event.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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