A Fun and Relaxing Vacation

I’ll be honest, Everett, Washington was not a place I thought about when looking for a vacation spot. But my husband took the steering wheel on the planning and found this hidden gem. Tucked between the Puget Sound and the Cascade mountains just 30 minutes North of Seattle, Everett has everything you need for a fun relaxing family vacation.

Staying in the downtown Best Western hotel, we were close to everything. Including the very scenic waterfront, where we strolled along watching the boats and kayaks float the Puget Sound. The kids road their skate board and scooter while us old folks walked behind. The smell of the sea and sounds of the boats and seagulls surrounding us.

Everett, Washington Waterfront Marina
Seals waiting for some fish leftovers at the Everett waterfront.

Unlike most of our vacations, which are often filled with a full itinerary. We decided to take a different approach. Adding just a few hot spots to visit, like the Funko Headquarters and Whidbey Island (more on these two in future posts), we kept the itinerary fairly open. The results, a fun, educational, and relaxing trip in a hidden gem.

For more information on Everett, Washington or our vacation please like and comment.

Thank you for reading and Happy Travels!

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