Flying 2020 Pros and Cons

After our first flight this year, we took notes of what the Travel Family considered pros and cons of flying in 2020. Please note, this list is based on our flight from Spokane International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Our flight was on Alaska Airlines and was only an hour long flight one way. Below is our list:


  • Less people
    • When we arrived at the Spokane International airport around 7 AM on a Friday there was hardly anyone there.
    • There was no line going through TSA!
  • Clean
    • Everything is so clean all the time.
  • Customer Service
    • Maybe it’s because airlines are in dyer need of customers, but the service was stellar.
    • TSA had smiles on their faces and were very polite.
  • More space on the plane
    • Due to social distancing requirements Alaska Airlines has decided to open seating up. Leaving middle seats open and only allowing single seats for non-family members.
  • Alaska Airlines communication
    • Alaska was very forthcoming in their new safety protocols and kept us well informed on what to expect while in the airport and on the plane.


  • Wearing a mask the entire time
    • Breathing in a mask for long periods of time is uncomfortable and can be difficult.
  • Keeping physical distance in a small area
    • Staying six feet away on a small plane is nearly impossible
  • In-flight service
    • I’m a big fan of Alaska Airlines due to their customer service. Unfortunately due to new protocols the in-flight service seems to be fading away.
  • Others not following the new safety protocols.
    • People seem to have different ideas or opinions on how to follow the safety protocols.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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