Favorite Free Travel Sites

Below are a few of our favorite sites we refer to for all our travel needs.

  • Camping: We enjoy referring to recreation.gov to help find sites, make reservations and reviews.
  • United States Travel: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ is our go to site for places, ideas and reviews. The best part of the site is how user friendly the site is to navigate. For example, you can set up the site to see a place of interest during the month of September for a family, and the site will update to show reviews from other travelers who met those same requirements. We can go on more about how much I enjoy TripAdvisor but we will keep it at this for now.
  • International/National Travel: An online travel magazine we recently found is https://www.afar.com/. It gives updated information about current travel information as well as deals and new and exciting adventures. The best part is you can set this up with email notifications so you can stay up to date.
  • World Travel: Another online travel magazine that offers travel tips, deals, and fun places is https://www.thediscoverer.com/. Similar to Afar this site can be set up for email notifications.
  • Last but certainly not least is https://travelcurator.com/ we find this site to be good for the swankier traveler. Honestly a little out of our price range, but gives great ideas for new and exciting destinations. Plus it never hurts to dream, right?

Of course there are plenty of other travel sites out there as well, these are just a few of my favorites.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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