Ahh! I Want to Travel So Bad!

I have a list of places I would like to see before I die, many of these places are beyond the United States borders. The Travel Family is finally at a place where we can financially and emotionally handle a few beyond border travels. The want is there, the means are there, but just our luck the world is not there. WE WANT TO GO! WE WANT TO TRAVEL! WE WANT TO SEE THE WORLD!

But is there anywhere to go?

Today I read an article from AFAR titled, “It’s Official Americans Won’t be Allowed Into Europe When It Reopens”. Welp there goes half our list. Another article on June 24th, from Vogue shows Asia is closed to outside tourists, most of Africa has banned foreign travelers, many South American countries are seeing spikes in the Coronavirus, and Canada borders are still closed. Not to mention Central America extending their reopening to late July. Needless to say our list of International travel is almost left to nothing.

Then there is Mexico beaches that recently opened up in June. Now normally we would be all for going down south and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Mexico. Unfortunately, July is a bit hot and with the recent spikes in the United States in beach towns I feel like visiting a busy beach would be adding to the problem.


Thank you for reading my rant and happy travels!

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