Travel Planning in time of COVID 19

Travel planning for my family is usually a fun hobby of mine. Researching new areas, figuring out a fun adventurous itinerary, finding the best deals on where to stay, and where to eat, budgeting. I enjoy all of that, plus the control of planning out our family’s adventures. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has put a damper in all that fun.

Now, my hobby has adjusted to researching the new laws and restrictions along with cleaning procedures and protocols. Not really what I consider fun. All that aside, I am determined to get a few fun family trips done in the year of COVID 19, also known as 2020.

One such trip we did this weekend; Silverwood Theme Park Boulder Beach. Just outside of our hometown in Athol, Idaho, the theme park is really two parks in one. The theme park is filled with roller coasters, ferris wheel, log flume, and kiddie rides. Boulder Beach is a water park with water slides, wave pool, and raft floats. It really is a wonderful place for a fun family adventure. Bonus, it was dads get in free for father’s day weekend. Hello savings!

Besides the benefits of being close to home and the savings from a free ticket, the cleaning policies and protocols created a sense of safety for our family. We did our part and wore our masks most of the time and stayed outside as much as we could. We also decided to skip the beach since pools tend to not be the most hygienic.

Usually I wouldn’t consider this “traveling” as it is close to home and really just a day trip, but with life in its current state getting out of the house is an ordeal in itself. Besides, the goal in traveling for us is to explore new things and have a fun family adventure. Despite the restrictions, our family was able to accomplish that goal so for us a day trip to a theme park close to home is traveling in the year of COVID 19.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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