Cleaning and Fixing the Trailer

Despite being 55 years old, the trailer is in pretty good shape. Due mainly to the fact the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained throughout its long life. Of course the age does make a difference so we will still have to clean and make a few fixes in order for her to be ready for the road. For now, we are focused on the basics and will simply start with cleaning and fixing the most urgent needs. Below is a list of things we are currently working on with the trailer.

  • Wash the cushions – Newly purchased by previous owner.
  • Scrape off the paint chips peeling from the inside walls.
  • Scrub from top to bottom with bleach.
  • Fix a small leak near the door – Nothing dramatic just need to reseal with sealant.
  • Replace the door knob on the exterior door.
  • Paint the interior.
  • Register the vehicle – Pending on government buildings re-opening

Despite the last part being an unfortunate circumstance of the pandemic, that is not to bad for a 55 year old trailer! Of course there are a few more updates and fixes that eventually need to be taken care of for long term use, but for now this will prepare us for our upcoming travels. Posts on our upcoming travels, coming soon!

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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