We bought a Travel Trailer

As my previous post mentioned, the Travel Family bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer! Although the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained by previous owners, it is still a 55 year old trailer, so there is a bit of cleaning and fixing involved before we hit the road.

To start things off, I took some photos of the before, to document our hard work. Below are the photos of the trailer prior to cleaning and fixing.

For us, less is best and having a small trailer means there is less to maintain. In the photo’s above, you can see it is a pretty basic trailer. There is a living and dining area that turns into sleeping area (more on this in future posts), an ice box, small stove, sink, and closet space.

As you may have noticed there is no toilet, and that was something we preferred. Having a toilet means more clean up. Since we are planning to camp at reserved sites that offer restrooms, we currently don’t find the need to install a toilet. Our thoughts are to eventually install a compost toilet, which will be great for boondocking. More about our cleaning process, future plans for the trailer, and our travel destinations will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!

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