Preparing to Travel

Spring is here and Summer is about to arrive. This means it’s time to prepare for our 2020 travels. Last year’s travels was a mixed blend of visiting long distant family, tent camping, visiting Glacier National Park and to end the year, a week long trip to Disneyland. These last two involved multiple day stays in hotels.

This year, due to the pandemic we have decided to take more precautions and restrict our travels to mainly camping and family visits. The nice thing about the family visits (besides the obvious) are that my family happens to live just a few miles outside of the Olympic National Park. This means lots of time spent enjoying the ocean, mountains, and the forest. Not a bad way to visit family.

Since are travel is limited to mostly camping, we decided to up our camping abilities and bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer. The trailer is old but in good shape, with a few small repairs and renovations we will be ready to take her out into the wilderness.

To learn more about our (new to us) trailer repairs and renovations. And how we plan on fitting our family of four including two large dogs please stay tuned for additional posts.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!

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