New Travel Restrictions in PNW

If you were planning on visiting Washington, Oregon, or California for the holidays, get ready to self-quarantine afterwards. Due to the high numbers of COVID 19 cases in recent weeks, especially a whopping one million in California, new west coast interstate restrictions have been released.

Working together Washington, Oregon, and California have teamed up to recommend a 14-day self quarantine after arrival. The governors from each state have asked that people stay home or in their region and to avoid non-essential travel.

Oregon Travel Advisory

California Travel Advisory


Hiking with Children

Before we had children, my husband and I would often grab our hiking gear and food, hop in the car and go on long weekend hikes.  Usually our hikes would be overnight consisting of around 13 miles round trip. No matter what the weather was we would go out on a hike.  As we began to have children, we obviously had to adjust our itinerary. No more last-minute overnight hikes through the rain or snow.  Instead, the weather had to be sunny and our plans would need to be made ahead of time.  Of course, our overnight hikes also adjusted to day hikes.  

Taking out the Osprey baby carrier backpack.

To prepare for a hike with a baby, we exchanged our large hiking back packs for baby front carriers and baby backpacks. We were also lucky enough to receive a B.O.B. stroller from the grandparents so we were set for traveling with a baby.  Instead of last-minute trips, we now had to plan at least the night before.  Besides finding the best place to hike we also had to prepare bottles and snacks, extra clothes and diapers.

Taking out the B.O.B Stroller.

For obvious reasons, the length of the hikes adjusted from 13 miles round trip to now 3 miles or however long the baby would allow.  Where we would hike also adjusted.  As timing is everything with babies, we did not want to waste too much time traveling to hiking spots.  Instead we chose spots closer to home where we could get there quickly and felt comfortable carrying a baby. 

As our children grew out of the carriers, we again had to adjust our hiking itinerary.  Selling the baby carriers, we moved on to small backpacks for the kids to carry their own snacks and water.  Still limited on time and length of hikes we continue to choose closer to home destinations with shorter easier hikes for little legs.  Our average length of hikes now consists of about a mile to a mile and a half.

A short and sweet hike for little legs.

Adjustments aside, hiking with our children is a blast.  Spending time outside with the family, enjoying nature, getting exercise and sharing a common interest is wonderful.  Admittedly our children are not always excited to go on a hike, sometimes playing video games at home is of more interest to them.  But because they have grown up hiking, they understand the importance of going on a family hike. 

My husband and I have also learned through trial and error that compromising with the children can be immensely helpful.  For example, our children really love Build A Bear and they absolutely must bring their Build A Bears everywhere we go.  Including on hikes. 

Dishman Hills hike with the Build A Bear

At first, we fought with them bringing their Build A Bears.  We did not want them to ruin their Build A Bears.  So, we said no, which then led to many tears and temper tantrums.  Which then led to extremely uncomfortable hikes.  Finally, with some assistance from the employees of Build A Bear, we found a solution to our problem.  Build A Bear bags that our children could carry their bears on their backs along with their water and snacks. Now when we go on hikes our kids can have their bears and we can have an enjoyable hiking experience.

As our children continue to grow, we will continue to adjust our hiking itinerary to meet our needs.  Eventually my husband and I would like our children to get to the point where we can go for overnight hikes at farther destinations.  For now, we will enjoy the things that we can do and know to work well for us. 

Of course, what works well for us may not work well for anyone else.  But if you are interested in taking kids hiking, our suggestion is to prepare as much as possible.  Find the right gear that will work for your family needs.  We usually find our gear through REI, a recreational retailer headquartered in the Pacific Northwest.  If money is an issue and you currently cannot by new gear, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace can often provide used gear for much cheaper.  Most of this gear if well taken care of can last an exceedingly long time and has good resell value.  Also, if you are new to hiking then you do not really need much hiking gear.  To start, find a nice place with a well-kept trail that a simple pair of tennis shoes can handle and start a hike there.  As you progress into longer hikes then we would suggest looking into hiking backpacks, which will allow you to carry more gear. 

Once you become more comfortable with hiking and are ready to go on overnight hikes, then we would suggest looking into high quality sleeping bags.  If there is one thing you do not want to go cheap on it is sleeping bags.  The last thing you want to happen is to go on a strenuous hike with your family and find out your sleeping bags have holes, or the zipper is broke. 

We would suggest researching a lot of gear, trying it on, and speaking with avid hikers before purchasing or going on an overnight hike.  You will also want to make sure to research your destination well.  Triptipedia.com is a wonderful site for travel and hiking tips.  Recreation.gov is a wonderful trustworthy site that will share campground and hiking area information.  Other trustworthy sites to help with destination research are nps.gov.  NPS is an acronym for national park services and will give you live up to date information on National Parks. Another place to look is tripadvisor.com which will give you reviews from other users on destinations around the world.

Off trail tree climbing.

The most important thing about hiking with children is knowing what you and your children can handle and know what you want to achieve from the hike.  For us it is simple outdoor exercise with family time together, for others it might be something different.  The biggest thing is to make it comfortable and enjoyable for everyone.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


Glacier National Park

A nature lovers heaven, Glacier National Park is a must to visit. As of today the Traveling Family PNW has had the pleasure of visiting this majestic park twice. Once in the winter and most recently, during the fall season. Out of the two seasons, we would highly recommend visiting in the fall.

In the winter the snow covered park was absolutely beautiful and would make a wonderful snow shoeing adventure. Unfortunately though, it was very difficult to see anything or go very far into the park.

As for the fall season, Glacier is just as beautiful, but with the ability to drive through and see more of the National Park. Driving along the Going To The Sun Road we enjoyed the sublime fall foliage. The mild fall weather also allowed us to safely stop along the road and enjoy short hikes and look out points throughout the park. An added bonus to visiting in the fall is the ability for anyone to enjoy the beauty of the park no matter physical abilities.

While on your visit, don’t forget to stop by the nearby town of Whitefish, Montana. Just 27 miles west of the park, Whitefish is a breathtaking resort town full of family friendly shops and eateries. Stop by to enjoy the town or stay at the Whitefish Mountain Resort while visiting the National Park.

There is so much to do in the Glacier National Park and beyond that a trip anytime of year will be enjoyable for all.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Family “Fun” on the cheap

Always on the look out for inexpensive family friendly fun. While on vacation in Everett, WA we found it at Funko. Headquartered in Everett, WA Funko is a shop like no other.

Walking into Funko we didn’t entirely know what to expect. We knew they were a unique toy/collection store, but what does that mean for a visit? Well, we were pleasantly surprised with what we found.

Funko Headquarters

As we approached the building, we were greeted by statues of some of our favorite characters like Spiderman and Batman lingering above us. Anticipation increasing we entered the building, where we found wall to wall POP Vinyls.

POP Vinyl

For the kids, this was a pleasant surprise as going into Funko they really didn’t know what to expect. But as they began to recognize they were surrounded by toys of their favorite cartoon characters, they were in heaven. For my husband and I, it was like going back to our childhood. There were POPs of characters from our favorite movies and tv shows like Back to the Future, GI Joe, Star Wars and more.

Adam West BatMobile

Beyond the toys, throughout the building we were surrounded by different themes. There was the Batman section with a replica Batmobile car from the original Adam West batman television show. The Harry Potter section (our oldest daughters favorite section), Star Wars, Marvel, and Frozen (our youngest daughters favorite). All of these themes brought joy to our family and made what could have been a simple toy store into an inexpensive family fun event.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Whidbey Island and Fort Casey

Tucked away in the Puget Sound, north of Seattle. Whidbey Island is (in my opinion) a heavenly place with a landscape full of lushes green grass, trees and beaches. Oh and there’s a Fort too!

Mukilteo, WA view from the ferry

Boarding a ferry from Mukilteo, WA, it was a short ride across the Puget Sound to the Island. As we drove off the ferry onto the island it was green hills as far as the eye could see. Our first destination was south to see Fort Casey and the famous lighthouse.

Mukilteo to Whidbey Island Ferry

As we drove towards the Fort we were surrounded by endless forests. Squinting our eyes, tucked away hidden behind the trees we could see beautiful houses. These awe inspiring sights caused my mind to wander towards questions of how lovely it must be to live here.

Arriving at the Fort, we realized there was a second ferry to and from Port Townsend, WA. Personally this gave me a sense of safety knowing there is more ways than one to get off the island if needed. Wanting to stretch our legs, we decided to park along the side of the road and hike up the hill to the main entrance of the Fort.

The hike was a wise decision, as we stopped along the way to play in the old bunkers left behind when the Fort was an active military base. After playing in the bunkers we then headed towards the water where the batteries with 3 inch mounted guns (inactive of course) were on display to explore. Our kids enjoyed climbing about the guns and exploring the batteries.

Finally, after exploring the military side of the Fort, we headed to my favorite spot the beach. Walking along the beach we were able to enjoy all the sights, sounds, and wild life the beach had to offer. Some of these sights and sounds included a tug boat, a ferry and two whale sightings by my husband and I. Unfortunately the kids missed the whales as they were enthralled with getting there feet wet.

The beach at Fort Casey State Park

After the beach we went to the lighthouse and took a quick tour of the facility. It was the perfect tour for little kids as it was short and sweet with enough information to keep the kids attention. Once the tour was done it was time to head back to the car to finish our scenic drive of the island.

Deciding to drive off the island instead of taking the ferry back we were able to spot various other beach and camping spots along the way. Including Deception Pass which we saw as we drove across the jaw-dropping high bridge. Our drive off took about 40 minutes longer, but was well worth it as we were able to see Whidbey Island, Fidalgo Island, and Skagit County.

As far as family destinations go, I rate Whidbey Island as one of my favorites. If your family enjoys the outdoors, beautiful landscapes and a fascinating history, Whidbey Island and its surrounding areas is a must visit.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


A Fun and Relaxing Vacation

I’ll be honest, Everett, Washington was not a place I thought about when looking for a vacation spot. But my husband took the steering wheel on the planning and found this hidden gem. Tucked between the Puget Sound and the Cascade mountains just 30 minutes North of Seattle, Everett has everything you need for a fun relaxing family vacation.

Staying in the downtown Best Western hotel, we were close to everything. Including the very scenic waterfront, where we strolled along watching the boats and kayaks float the Puget Sound. The kids road their skate board and scooter while us old folks walked behind. The smell of the sea and sounds of the boats and seagulls surrounding us.

Everett, Washington Waterfront Marina
Seals waiting for some fish leftovers at the Everett waterfront.

Unlike most of our vacations, which are often filled with a full itinerary. We decided to take a different approach. Adding just a few hot spots to visit, like the Funko Headquarters and Whidbey Island (more on these two in future posts), we kept the itinerary fairly open. The results, a fun, educational, and relaxing trip in a hidden gem.

For more information on Everett, Washington or our vacation please like and comment.

Thank you for reading and Happy Travels!


A Virtual Trip?

Not comfortable traveling? No extra money to travel? Have a dire need to travel but can’t? Then check out this fun series from the New York Times called, The World Through a Lens that allows you to travel from the comfort of your home.

It may not be the same as a fun road trip with family and friends, but traveling virtually is better than not traveling at all. So put your feet up, have a glass of wine (if that’s your thing) and enjoy traveling from the comfort of your home.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


We Made It Out Alive!

Fire, smoke, dust and the road!

We were on our way back home from a travel family vacation in the beautiful city of Everett, WA when we hit the wall. It was the wall of dust and smoke.

It was like being in the 2007 movie, “The Mist“. The sky disappeared and all you could see was a cloud of smoke with hardly any visibility. Unlike the movie, we had no worries of creatures about to attack, but instead were barraged with emergency alerts warning us of dust storms, wind storms, and fires nearby.

We were still over an hour from home after already being on the road for over 3 hours when traffic stopped. Bumper to bumper cars with cars stopped along the side of the road for fear from lack of visibility. On the opposite side of the road there were wrecks and cars down the center divide. We watched as ambulances and police came through to try and secure the area. It was a mad mess!

We were worried about being stuck on the road in the middle of the chaos.

Luckily, after a short 20 minutes, traffic on our road side began to move. With our hazards on and staying a two car distance from the lead car, we began to move at a steady pace and continued the pace back into the clear sky. Unfortunately the opposite side of the road was not as lucky. For miles, cars were still stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. And then we got the alert! The roads we were just on and the surrounding towns we had just passed were closing. We made it out of the madness, but many were stuck with no where to go!

Of course the madness didn’t end there, as we arrived home we were notified that the surrounding towns were being evacuated due to wild fires. Our neighborhood at the time of this writing is safe.

It’s a bitter sweet feeling knowing several, maybe even hundreds are stuck on the road or worse forced to leave their homes. While at the same time we made it back home safely and with only a few large tree branches down and with a few shingles from the roof of our shed flying off.

All of this madness is a good reminder that traveling is an adventure some good and some bad. The best thing you can do is try and always be prepared. While road tripping make sure your car is in working order, check and recheck the area you are visiting, always bring plenty of food and water, and most importantly prepare to be flexible.

The Travel Family sends all our love to those who are suffering right now.

Is 2020 over yet?

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Planning a last minute trip

I hate last minute trip planning. I’m a planner who likes to have time to plan all the details of a trip and often will plan months in advance, especially over a holiday weekend. My husband on the other hand will wait until the last minute. This irks me like no other.

I’ll be honest, last minute trips were fun when it was just me and my friends or me and the husband. The excitement of waking up, throwing clothes in a bag and just going wherever the wind takes us was fun. But it’s different with kids and dogs. More stuff to pack, schedules to consider, stopping spots to include on the road, and where you stay matters. Traveling with kids and dogs takes planning.

Alas, Labor day weekend has came up (seeming out of nowhere) and my husband decided the Friday before, that we need to travel. Now, I’m all for taking a three day weekend to travel, but LAST MINUTE, AHH!

This is when I gave my husband the planning baton and said, “go for it, I don’t want to take that on”. Impressively he took on the planning and spent hours on the computer and phone looking up possible destinations, hotel rooms, and activities to do. Of course, the top destinations we would love to visit, like the coast or a National Park were either booked or way to expensive.

In my mind I thought this trip is not going to happen. But then my husband threw out an idea, “what about Everett, WA?” Not a normal destination I ever thought about, but I was willing to hear him out. And that is where his genius of last minute planning shined. He explained Everett is less than a 5 hour drive away, he found a Best Western hotel (our favorite hotel chain) for under $100.00 a night right in downtown Everett. Where there are all sorts of fun family friendly outdoor and indoor activities. The best part is his father was willing to dog sit for us so we don’t have to take the dogs. After hearing all that I was sold!

The Travel Family is headed to Everett, Washington!

More about our Everett trip in the next blog post!

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Flying 2020 Pros and Cons

After our first flight this year, we took notes of what the Travel Family considered pros and cons of flying in 2020. Please note, this list is based on our flight from Spokane International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Our flight was on Alaska Airlines and was only an hour long flight one way. Below is our list:


  • Less people
    • When we arrived at the Spokane International airport around 7 AM on a Friday there was hardly anyone there.
    • There was no line going through TSA!
  • Clean
    • Everything is so clean all the time.
  • Customer Service
    • Maybe it’s because airlines are in dyer need of customers, but the service was stellar.
    • TSA had smiles on their faces and were very polite.
  • More space on the plane
    • Due to social distancing requirements Alaska Airlines has decided to open seating up. Leaving middle seats open and only allowing single seats for non-family members.
  • Alaska Airlines communication
    • Alaska was very forthcoming in their new safety protocols and kept us well informed on what to expect while in the airport and on the plane.


  • Wearing a mask the entire time
    • Breathing in a mask for long periods of time is uncomfortable and can be difficult.
  • Keeping physical distance in a small area
    • Staying six feet away on a small plane is nearly impossible
  • In-flight service
    • I’m a big fan of Alaska Airlines due to their customer service. Unfortunately due to new protocols the in-flight service seems to be fading away.
  • Others not following the new safety protocols.
    • People seem to have different ideas or opinions on how to follow the safety protocols.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Flying 2020

A few weeks ago the Travel Family took the leap and flew across the state of Washington. The initial thought of flying during a pandemic especially with young children was scary, but as I wrote in my previous post we did our due diligence to ensure we were ready and safe. So what was it like to fly in the year of 2020? The words, different and awkward come to mind.

It was masked covered faces as far as the eye can see, it was hand sanitizer and hand wipes everywhere. It was people awkwardly trying to keep their distance as best as they could and many moments spent washing hands. To be honest, at first we felt a little uneasy being in an airport with our children around strangers. But as we spent time in the airport and eventually on the plane the uneasiness began to fade away and a sense of a “new” normal came over us.

So what is this new normal for traveling? Well, I assume for everyone it is different, but for us the new normal is lots more planning ahead, wearing masks, carrying hand sanitizer, and washing our hands as much as possible. For us, this new normal really isn’t that bad. In fact as we were flying on the plane looking around at everyone with masks on, I wondered, why didn’t we wear masks on planes before?

Thinking about it, planes have always been like petry dishes. A bunch of people in a small area breathing in each others air. Wearing a mask on a plane, although can be uncomfortable for long periods of time, really makes perfect sense to me now. With this in mind, even if things go back to the way they were, I think my family and I will still maintain this “new” normal of traveling.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!



Exciting news, we are less than a week away from taking our biggest trip of 2020! We are going west to visit family, hang out on the beach, and enjoy the beauty of the Olympic National Park. This trip is our yearly escape away and a chance to visit family we often only see once a year. Most times, we load up the car and drive the 400 miles or 7.5 hour road trip across the state of Washington. It’s a beautiful scenic drive of the entire landscape of Washington and we’ve done it often enough to know the best spots to stop and stretch our legs.

However, way back in December 2019 or as we now lovingly refer to it as pre-pandemic, I was scrolling through flight deals and came across an amazing deal from Spokane to Seattle that I just could not pass up. We purchased 4 round trip tickets on Alaska Airlines for under $400.00 and rented a car for $300.00. The idea of arriving at our final destination in 3 hours as opposed to over 8 hours with stops, was very enticing. Knowing what we know now we probably would have stuck to the road trip, but the flight and car our booked and we will be headed out soon.

Don’t get me wrong traveling on a plane right now does cause us to worry, but we have done our due diligence and have become very familiar with Alaska Airlines and the car rental’s cleaning policies. We know what to bring, what to do, and most importantly what not to do. We have gathered as much information as we can absorb including speaking with several friends who have already taken the leap and flown. Is it dangerous to travel via plane and rental car during these unprecedented times, undoubtedly. But we also believe that if we do our due diligence and follow all the proper guidelines then everything will be fine. After all it is up to us to be mindful of our own actions and to do our part to be as safe as possible. If we can go to the grocery store or mall then we can fly on a plane. It’s all about taking the proper precautions.

Thank you for reading and Happy Travels!


Favorite Free Travel Sites

Below are a few of our favorite sites we refer to for all our travel needs.

  • Camping: We enjoy referring to recreation.gov to help find sites, make reservations and reviews.
  • United States Travel: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ is our go to site for places, ideas and reviews. The best part of the site is how user friendly the site is to navigate. For example, you can set up the site to see a place of interest during the month of September for a family, and the site will update to show reviews from other travelers who met those same requirements. We can go on more about how much I enjoy TripAdvisor but we will keep it at this for now.
  • International/National Travel: An online travel magazine we recently found is https://www.afar.com/. It gives updated information about current travel information as well as deals and new and exciting adventures. The best part is you can set this up with email notifications so you can stay up to date.
  • World Travel: Another online travel magazine that offers travel tips, deals, and fun places is https://www.thediscoverer.com/. Similar to Afar this site can be set up for email notifications.
  • Last but certainly not least is https://travelcurator.com/ we find this site to be good for the swankier traveler. Honestly a little out of our price range, but gives great ideas for new and exciting destinations. Plus it never hurts to dream, right?

Of course there are plenty of other travel sites out there as well, these are just a few of my favorites.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Travel Planning in time of COVID 19

Travel planning for my family is usually a fun hobby of mine. Researching new areas, figuring out a fun adventurous itinerary, finding the best deals on where to stay, and where to eat, budgeting. I enjoy all of that, plus the control of planning out our family’s adventures. Unfortunately, COVID 19 has put a damper in all that fun.

Now, my hobby has adjusted to researching the new laws and restrictions along with cleaning procedures and protocols. Not really what I consider fun. All that aside, I am determined to get a few fun family trips done in the year of COVID 19, also known as 2020.

One such trip we did this weekend; Silverwood Theme Park Boulder Beach. Just outside of our hometown in Athol, Idaho, the theme park is really two parks in one. The theme park is filled with roller coasters, ferris wheel, log flume, and kiddie rides. Boulder Beach is a water park with water slides, wave pool, and raft floats. It really is a wonderful place for a fun family adventure. Bonus, it was dads get in free for father’s day weekend. Hello savings!

Besides the benefits of being close to home and the savings from a free ticket, the cleaning policies and protocols created a sense of safety for our family. We did our part and wore our masks most of the time and stayed outside as much as we could. We also decided to skip the beach since pools tend to not be the most hygienic.

Usually I wouldn’t consider this “traveling” as it is close to home and really just a day trip, but with life in its current state getting out of the house is an ordeal in itself. Besides, the goal in traveling for us is to explore new things and have a fun family adventure. Despite the restrictions, our family was able to accomplish that goal so for us a day trip to a theme park close to home is traveling in the year of COVID 19.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!


Travel Plans

The Travel Family has made the plunge and scheduled our first 2020 travel plans. We don’t have as much as we would like scheduled, but as this year has taught us, slow and steady is the best pace. Below are the planned trips.

The goal is to add more trips as the year progresses, but with things being different this year and much still being unknown, these trips will have to do for now. Stay tuned for more details about each trip, including our itinerary, camping recipes and more.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


Cleaning and Fixing the Trailer

Despite being 55 years old, the trailer is in pretty good shape. Due mainly to the fact the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained throughout its long life. Of course the age does make a difference so we will still have to clean and make a few fixes in order for her to be ready for the road. For now, we are focused on the basics and will simply start with cleaning and fixing the most urgent needs. Below is a list of things we are currently working on with the trailer.

  • Wash the cushions – Newly purchased by previous owner.
  • Scrape off the paint chips peeling from the inside walls.
  • Scrub from top to bottom with bleach.
  • Fix a small leak near the door – Nothing dramatic just need to reseal with sealant.
  • Replace the door knob on the exterior door.
  • Paint the interior.
  • Register the vehicle – Pending on government buildings re-opening

Despite the last part being an unfortunate circumstance of the pandemic, that is not to bad for a 55 year old trailer! Of course there are a few more updates and fixes that eventually need to be taken care of for long term use, but for now this will prepare us for our upcoming travels. Posts on our upcoming travels, coming soon!

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


We bought a Travel Trailer

As my previous post mentioned, the Travel Family bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer! Although the trailer has been well taken care of and maintained by previous owners, it is still a 55 year old trailer, so there is a bit of cleaning and fixing involved before we hit the road.

To start things off, I took some photos of the before, to document our hard work. Below are the photos of the trailer prior to cleaning and fixing.

For us, less is best and having a small trailer means there is less to maintain. In the photo’s above, you can see it is a pretty basic trailer. There is a living and dining area that turns into sleeping area (more on this in future posts), an ice box, small stove, sink, and closet space.

As you may have noticed there is no toilet, and that was something we preferred. Having a toilet means more clean up. Since we are planning to camp at reserved sites that offer restrooms, we currently don’t find the need to install a toilet. Our thoughts are to eventually install a compost toilet, which will be great for boondocking. More about our cleaning process, future plans for the trailer, and our travel destinations will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading and happy travels!


Preparing to Travel

Spring is here and Summer is about to arrive. This means it’s time to prepare for our 2020 travels. Last year’s travels was a mixed blend of visiting long distant family, tent camping, visiting Glacier National Park and to end the year, a week long trip to Disneyland. These last two involved multiple day stays in hotels.

This year, due to the pandemic we have decided to take more precautions and restrict our travels to mainly camping and family visits. The nice thing about the family visits (besides the obvious) are that my family happens to live just a few miles outside of the Olympic National Park. This means lots of time spent enjoying the ocean, mountains, and the forest. Not a bad way to visit family.

Since are travel is limited to mostly camping, we decided to up our camping abilities and bought a 1965 13 foot Winnebago travel trailer. The trailer is old but in good shape, with a few small repairs and renovations we will be ready to take her out into the wilderness.

To learn more about our (new to us) trailer repairs and renovations. And how we plan on fitting our family of four including two large dogs please stay tuned for additional posts.

Thank you for reading and happy travels!